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Firearms Safety Course


Firearms Safety Course

The firearms safety course is the same course required by the FL Dept of Agriculture as part of an application to obtain a concealed weapons permit. The course is taught by certified firearms instructors at the PCSO Burnham-McCall Training Center, located at 2201 Old Bartow-Eagle Lake Road in Bartow.

Classes are scheduled throughout the year, and advertised on the PCSO Facebook page.

Once a class is scheduled and advertised, those interested must call 863-298-6242, during normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 8-5) to reserve a seat. Cost of the class is $45; proceeds go to Polk Sheriff's Charities, Inc., and the cost is non-refundable.

Once the class is completed, the student will receive a certificate of completion, to include in their concealed weapon permit application, should they choose to obtain one. Each student will also receive an application packet with instructions on how to apply, through the FL Department of Agriculture.


Students shall not wear loose hanging clothing and shall wear close-toed shoes. Each student will be required to provide the following:

1- A modern manufacture firearm* capable of using modern ammunition.
2- 50 rounds of clean modern manufacture ammunition for said firearm.
3- Modern manufacture protective eye-wear designed for a shooting environment.
4- Modern manufacture hearing protection designed for a shooting environment. 
5- Adequate sun protection. (i.e. hat, long-sleeved shirt, sunscreen)
6- Adequate hydration for extended outdoor activity.

Any questions about this course should be directed to Director Rick Wright at 863-534-7200, during normal office hours.